No matter who you are or where you live, one thing is for certain: in these modern times, the use of an HVAC system in your home is nothing short of critical. Having a reliable heating and air conditioning unit is necessary for keeping you cool on those hot summer days and warm on fridge winter nights. The problem is that most homeowners take their HVAC unit for granted until it suddenly stops working. If this happens to be your predicament, you’re going to want the best air conditioning and heating services to get your unit back in working order.

But what are some of the services that these repair companies can provide for you?

No need to fret. This article will go in-depth with some of the most common heating and air conditioning services that these companies provide. Read on to learn more!

1. Filter Replacement

Perhaps the most common problem — and the most requested repair — is a filter replacement. Filters are a necessary part of the HVAC unit that traps dirt, dust, and other airborne particles and keeps them from infiltrating your home. Of course, they can only do their job for so long before they simply can’t hold the particles as well as they should, and your home’s air starts to become dirty as a result.

If you’re experiencing dirty air, it may be time for your filter to be replaced!

2. Thermostat Not Working

You control the temperature from the thermostat, so it can be a bit of a disappointment when it doesn’t work and you can’t make your house cooler or warmer. A broken thermostat means the unit won’t know when to turn on and you’ll quickly find yourself uncomfortable as a result.

Often, the answer is as simple as replacing the battery in the thermostat. However, a thermostat is a tricky piece of equipment, and you’ll likely need a professional to find out what’s going on.

3. Blown Fuses

Fuses help to make sure the electricity used in the HVAC unit stays in check by protecting the working components. If there’s an unnatural surge or overheating in the unit, or if a component starts to go awry, the fuse will “blow” to stop the unit from being a hazard.

Blown fuses are a common problem, and any trained professional should look to the breaker box to see if this is the case with your unit.

The Air Conditioning and Heating Services You Deserve

Now that you know about a few of the air conditioning and heating services these repair companies offer, you need to make sure you hire the right company to help you with the job. Luckily for you, we’re the right people to help you with the job.

At Texas Eagle, we have the experience and know-how to take care of all of your HVAC needs. Our company has been around for many years and continues to raise the industry standard. Call on us to repair your thermostat, replace your filter, fix up any wiring issues, and much more.

Be sure to take a look around the rest of our site to learn more about what we do, and give us a call whenever you’re ready to repair your unit. We’ll get it running good as new!

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