Heating maintenance may not be your biggest concern in Katy, but you don’t want it to break down when the weather does dip.

Only 30% of American homeowners perform preventative maintenance on their HVAC systems. If you want your heating system to go the distance, maintenance is a necessity. Eventually, an unmaintained HVAC system will start to show signs of wear and tear.

In today’s post, we’re going to tell you three of the clearest signs you need heating maintenance in Katy, TX. With the right attitude and the help of a great HVAC company in Katy, TX, you can heat your house for years to come. Keep reading and you’ll be able to stay vigilant.

1. Strange Noises

Most homeowners are used to a bit of noise when the heating system kicks in. It’s when you continue to hear screeching, popping, or rumbling for longer than usual that you should be concerned. Any unusual noises you don’t normally hear when you turn the system on should raise an alarm as well.

Different noises signal different issues. For instance, high-pitched squealing or whistling often tells you there’s an issue with the fan or belt. Groaning, banging, or other guttural noises likely mean there’s something broken inside the unit.

2. Strange Smells

Although you shouldn’t ever wait to call for repairs when you hear noises, they can be easily ignored or missed by many homeowners. Something you can’t put up with is a foul smell coming from your heating system.

Smelling fuel the first time you turn your heater on in the winter isn’t abnormal. It’s when the smell crops up out of nowhere and doesn’t dissipate that you’ve got to take immediate action.

There’s a chance there could be a bit of debris on the inside of the unit causing the smell but never ignore it. If you’ve got a gas leak, your home becomes a major fire risk and a buildup of gas can quickly lead to carbon monoxide issues, which are equally as dangerous.

3. High Energy Bills

The third clear sign you need to get a heating tune-up as soon as possible is unexpectedly high energy bills. If you don’t use your furnace much throughout the year, it’s easy to forget how much you pay to heat the home.

When your bills seem high, it’s worth digging through your old bills to see what they were last year. If they’ve shot up out of nowhere, there’s a good chance something’s wrong with your system.

Older systems that are unmaintained tend to become less efficient over time. You need to do things like filter changes and cleanings regularly to keep it functioning well. That said, getting an HVAC company in Katy, TX to come in will ensure your system isn’t draining your bank account.

Heating Maintenance Is a Must

These are three major signs you need heating maintenance. Getting regular heating maintenance will ensure your system lasts the full 15-20 years it should. Finding the right Katy, TX HVAC services will help preserve your heating system.

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