While it doesn’t often snow in Katy, Texas, it still happens occasionally. A perfect example is when a winter storm brought icy weather to the area in February 2021. There’s no guarantee this won’t happen again this year, so it’s better to prepare for frigid temperatures.

Knowing whether and when you need heating repair is one of the best winter preparations you can do for your home.

This guide discusses the top signs your home heating system needs repairs, so read on.

Doesn’t Turn On or Has No Power

First, check your thermostat to ensure your heating system is on, and your HVAC is set to heat. Someone may have simply turned it off by accident. This is also an excellent time to replace the batteries, especially if it has been months since you last did.

If none of those steps help, your system may have automatically turned off due to overheating. Many systems do this to prevent the motor from sustaining more severe damage. Your best bet in this case is to call local Katy technicians for professional HVAC services and help.

Inadequate or Uneven Heating

Does it feel cold inside your home even if your heating system has been running for at least an hour? Or perhaps some areas in your home are warm while others feel cold.

Those are signs of airflow problems, air leakage, or obstruction. These are among the most common winter HVAC issues many Katy homeowners experience. The good news is that they’re also often easy to fix and prevent with filter replacements.

If changing (or washing) your filters doesn’t help, ensure you don’t have any blocked or closed air vents.

If that still doesn’t help, it indicates an issue with your system, such as a faulty heating element. Have your local HVAC technician inspect and fix this issue before it worsens and leaves you without a working heater.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Have you noticed how you or other family members have been sneezing, sniffling, or coughing while indoors? You may also be experiencing headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

Those symptoms may result from poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Many factors can cause poor IAQ, including a faulty or ill-maintained heating system. For example, combustion gases and pollutants may leak from a cracked furnace heat exchanger. A dirty system can also circulate air pollutants throughout your home.

You don’t want your heating system to make you ill, so have it checked by a pro as soon as you experience the symptoms above. An HVAC technician can identify issues using the latest diagnostic tools and fix them before they cause more problems. 

Never Delay Necessary Heating Repair

From having no power to uneven heating and poor IAQ, these are all signs you need heating repair. So, if you experience these, please have a professional check your heating system ASAP.

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