Did you know there is a demand for around 111 million AC units a year? As utility prices increase and temperatures rise, AC is becoming more vital for a comfortable home. But do you know how important the upkeep of your system is?

The right maintenance can save you a lot of money. Read on as we discuss 6 common AC maintenance mistakes and how you can get an AC repair-free estimate.

1. Ignoring Noises

Strange noises are a sign that you need heating and cooling maintenance immediately. These sounds tell you that a part is having problems and may soon break down. The only noise you should hear is the blowing of air.

One of the most common noises is akin to metal scraping. If you hear this then search for AC repair near me and get someone to lubricate the bearings in your machine.

2. Not Replacing Filters

Your air conditioning system brings air from outside, cools it, then blows it into the property. These filters then get clogged with dust, dirt, and allergens. If you don’t change them, the system works overtime to compensate and pulls dirty air into the home.

You can do this yourself and it does not cost a lot. However, AC companies can do it for you as part of an AC and heating tune-up.

3. Not Cleaning Vents

Dust and debris can easily become clogged in your vents. When you turn on the air-con, this can impede the airflow or find its way into the property. The quality of the air in the home will get worse, which could result in health issues.

Search for experts on heating and cooling near me. Find someone who has the correct tools to clean them properly without causing damage.

4. Keeping an Outdated System

A new system may seem like a large expenditure, but it will save you money in the long run. Keeping an outdated system going costs money with increasing energy costs and recurring repairs. Get an AC repair-free estimate and ask if the technician would advise replacing the whole unit.

5. Leaving Your AC Pan Leaking

When you find the air conditioner leaking you need to get it looked at immediately. Water appears because of clogged drain lines or frozen evaporator coils. Make sure you contact an AC and furnace repair specialist quickly unless you want water damage to cause more problems.

6. Not Getting Regular Professional Maintenance

Search for AC and heating near me to find a whole host of companies eager to come and do your maintenance. Not only will they clean and upkeep your system, but they will also notify you of any problems that may occur soon. This saves you on costly emergency repair bills.

Finding an AC Repair Free Estimate in Katy, TX

Now you know these mistakes, make sure you have regular maintenance in your home cleaning and upkeep calendar. Check online for anyone who will give an AC repair-free estimate. You can then ask how much regular maintenance visits will cost.

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