Did you know that Americans spend more than $22 billion a year on air conditioning?

Air conditioning can be challenging in multi-story houses. Most people living in these houses experience uneven home cooling due to the varying temperature.

The summers in Houston, Texas, are extremely hot. You, therefore, rely a lot on air conditioning to ensure the temperature in your home is even.

Various factors cause uneven home cooling. These include blocked vents, dirty air conditioning filters, old cooling units, and leaks in the air ducts. Fortunately, there are several ways to repair this.

Read on to learn various simple home cooling remedies in Houston, Texas.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Air ducts are bound to get dirty and blocked by dust, smoke, hair, or mold, blocking air circulation. By using a vacuum to clean, you will be able to control the flow of air in and out of your house.

Dirty air ducts may be why your house upstairs is too hot in summer. In this case, air fails to circulate freely, thus increasing the temperature in this area. Hot air is also trapped and has no passageway to leave.

Cleaning your air ducts is vital, especially in a dusty area.

Adjust Fan’s Settings

A common misconception that robots are always accurate may be why you have uneven home cooling. You need to switch your thermostat’s settings from auto to on.

This action ensures that air circulates even when the air conditioner is turned off. Once you let your fan operate on auto, it will stop running once it is off.

The longer your thermostat runs and is on, the more air is regulated.

Install a Zoning Electrical System

An electrical zoning system allows you to separate your house in two, downstairs and upstairs. This enables you to control the air condition of both areas separately.

Uneven home cooling may make your basement too hot in the summer. However, with an electrical zoning system, you can regulate the temperature to fit your comfort.

A zoning system is more suitable than the traditional air duct since it’s quieter and more effective.

Regular AC Maintenance

For your air conditioning to function effectively, it requires constant maintenance. This entails constantly checking the condition of the system and its functionality.

Worn-out or clogged air conditioning systems lead to irregular air circulation. AC maintenance involves cleaning or replacing your air conditioning filters.

Dirty or blocked filters reduce the functionality of a system leading to uneven cooling. With regular maintenance, your system is highly unlikely to break down.

Seek AC Repair Services for Proper Home Cooling

Air conditioning systems, like other machines, break down from time to time. Once you notice a malfunction with your air conditioning system, it’s advisable to call for an AC repair service.

Having a professional technician examine it enables you to prevent further damage to your AC.

Solve Your Uneven Cooling Issues

Uneven home cooling may bring about a lot of discomfort. However, you can solve this using the simple remedies discussed above.

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