Katy, Texas average an annual air quality index of 59. This moderate rating increases the risk of respiratory illness and cancer from breathing polluted air.

We cannot do much to control the outside air we breathe as individuals immediately. Though, we can take measures to keep our inside air clean.

Read on to learn why you should test the indoor air quality of your home.

Breathing Is Not An Option

Humans need to breathe constantly. Adults generally take between 17,280 and 23,040 breaths daily.

Oxygen from the air you breathe absorbs through your lungs and feeds all of your cells to keep them alive. These breaths mean nothing if the air you breathe contains poison. 

Testing the quality of your air ensures that you get all breaths of fresh air to keep your family and bets healthy. Trusted AC companies can help you test the air inside your home so you know whether or not you need air purification or a heating and cooling tune-up.

Outdoor Air Pollution Moves In

Outdoor air quality changes day to day from events like wildfires and factory leaks. Even when they happen far away, changing wind patterns can bring pollution to you.

Arr from outdoors will come in through doors and windows. If you notice a sudden rise in your location’s air quality index, call experts for heating and cooling near Katy, Tx.

Staying indoors may not keep you safe if dirty air got in. Testing indoor air quality will give you peace of mind and offer options for purifying your home.

Indoor Air Quality Changes

Even if you seal your home up tight, your air quality may change inside. Contaminates can accumulate and affect the air you breathe.

Cleaning products, cigarettes, and emissions from your stove and fireplace put toxins into the atmosphere. The air conditioner leaking and forgetting to change the air filter on your HVAC system also create toxic conditions inside your home.

All of this occurs silently. Frequently testing the quality of your air can help you catch an issue before it becomes obvious. 

Dirty Air Costs More Money

When particulates accumulate in the air, it becomes thick. This quickly dirties the filters and strains your heating and cooling system.

Your system works less efficiently as a result. The increased effort with decreased results raises your energy bill.

Opening windows can help improve the quality of your air when the outdoor index is low. But, this also causes your HVAC system to work harder, which still leaves you paying more for energy. 

Have your HVAC company test the indoor air quality. Poor air quality requires air purification and possibly AC repair near Katy, TX. 

Call for Air Quality Testing

Whether you notice a problem or are already calling for your AC repair-free estimate, ask for indoor air quality testing. Heating and Cooling near Katy, TX will not only keep you comfortable inside your home. The decision to test air quality can save you money and help to keep your family safe.

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