The Lone Star State’s about to freeze! Though Texas is known for being a warm state, average low temperatures drop to 31 degrees Fahrenheit during December. This can damage any part of your HVAC system, especially your outdoor air conditioner.

You need to get in front of the weather. Thankfully, you can protect your air conditioner in Katy using a few basic steps and household items.

How should you clean your unit? Do you need to put a cover over your unit? Should you inspect your unit during the winter?

Answer these questions and you can have a fully functioning AC unit through all the changing seasons. Here is your quick guide.

Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit

Before you winterize your AC unit, you need to clean it. Leaving debris and dust in your unit can cause problems in the spring and summer, and moisture in the pipes can freeze and damage them.

Clean your unit as soon as possible. Go outside and turn your unit off, then remove anything you see with your eyes. Grab a vacuum cleaner and remove hair and dust from all surfaces.

Open the unit up and drain the fluids in your unit. Rub any pipes or containers with a dry rag to collect any moisture on them. If you’re having trouble cleaning your unit, call an air conditioner maintenance professional.

Cover Your AC Unit

Once your unit is clean, you should insulate your pipes with foam covers. You can then find a cover and place it over your unit. The cover should be waterproof, but it can be made of nearly any material, including vinyl or tarp.

Keep the cover in place with bungee cords, ropes, or clips. You can also use bricks to pin it down, but make sure the bricks cannot tear or scrape holes in the material.

Do not wrap your AC unit with plastic wrap. Plastic traps moisture and does not allow the metal to breathe, which can create rust.

Check on the Unit

Your insulation and cover should protect your unit through most of the winter. However, you shouldn’t assume that your unit is safe. You need to inspect your unit every two or three weeks and after any major storm.

Lift the cover-up and look around to make sure everything is okay. You should remove any snow or debris that has gathered on top of your cover, as it can crush your unit. If you’re worried, call someone and ask them to perform an AC and heating tune-up.

If your pipes are frozen, you can follow a few tips for thawing them. You can use a hair dryer or hot towel to warm the pipes up.

Protect Your Outdoor Air Conditioner

The winter will wear down your outdoor air conditioner if you’re not careful. You should clean your unit from top to bottom, removing all pieces of debris and dust. Dry the unit off, then wrap insulation around the pipes.

You can now put a good cover over your unit. Make sure it stays on and remove any debris that falls onto it. Every few weeks, inspect your unit to make sure it is doing okay.

If you ever notice a problem, get in touch with professionals. Texas Eagle winterizes air conditioners in the Katy area. Contact us today.

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