Texas is known for its warm climate but, last July, it experienced one of the hottest heatwaves on record. The average temperature during that time clocked in at a whopping 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s at times like these that we can fully appreciate our HVAC systems. If your system is on the older side of the spectrum, then it’s important to take proper precautions. That way, you can always ensure a cooled supply of air during the summer.

Keep reading to learn four things you can do to ensure your old AC unit keeps running in Katy, TX.

1. Change the Filter Each Month

One thing that you can’t forget to do is change the filter on a regular basis. The average filter lasts about a month. However, there are specialty filters you can invest in and get several months instead of just one.

It’s easy for this task to slip your mind, but it can mean the difference between a working unit and one that needs AC inspection. Be sure you stay on top of the main filter and any smaller filters that are behind vents in your home.

2. Clean Out the Vents

Even with a filter, the vents in your home will eventually need proper and professional cleaning.

This is one of the most important air conditioner maintenance tasks because it allows the unit to run smoothly while also boosting your indoor air quality.

3. An In-Depth AC Inspection

An older AC unit will be more likely to have one or more issues that need fixing. The sooner you can spot those problems, the better off your unit will be. If you wait too long, then the whole thing can end up breaking down.

To save money and keep your home cooling going, be sure to have a professional come at least twice a year.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Utility Bill

You should always pay close attention to what your utility bill is each month. It may fluctuate over time but if it gets higher during an off-season, for instance, then that’s a red flag. A higher utility bill means something is wrong with your unit and that it’s over-exerting itself.

One way you can solve this issue is by hiring a professional and getting a tune-up. They can also see if there are any other problems that are preventing the unit’s efficiency.

Ready to Extend the Life of Your Old AC Unit?

Now that you’ve learned four things you can do to ensure your old AC unit keeps running, you can stay cool in your Katy, TX home. Your family members and house guests will appreciate your commitment to their comfort.

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